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1Defender Secure© &
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The all-purpose Cybersecurity Evaluation Platform

Gain full visibility into your company’s complete cyber risk landscape.Take charge of risk management with easy dashboards, preemptive alerts, and impactful reporting.

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The unparalleled, all-encompassing cybersecurity solution

Discover the future of digital security with 1Defender Secure©. Our revolutionary security tooling evaluation platform acts as your organization’s vigilant guardian, and tirelessly monitors your digital environment for any signs of vulnerability or non-compliance with industry standards.

What sets us apart? Versatility.

From Microsoft 365 and Entra ID to custom cloud services, 1Defender Secure© covers it all. It ensures holistic protection for your digital assets. And the best part? Our intuitive interface makes security management accessible to everyone, providing clear insights and actionable steps to augment your defenses.

Windows Management Expert (WME)

We are your trusted partner for Microsoft 365 & Azure optimization. WME specializes in unlocking cost savings and efficiency enhancements across critical areas such as Security & Compliance, M&A Migration, and IT Staffing.

Our customized services extend to IT Services, Value Add Resellers, Strategic IT Advisors, Software as a Service (SaaS), Managed Security, and Cybersecurity companies.

As a nationally certified system integrator for Microsoft Infrastructure, Security, and Cloud solutions, WME holds the prestigious titles of a trusted Microsoft Solution Designated partner and Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). Rest assured, with our proven track record and industry recognition, WME is committed to delivering unparalleled value and innovation to every collaboration.

With solution partner designations in Data & AI Azure, Digital & Innovation Azure, Security & Infrastructure Azure, WME offers comprehensive expertise in leveraging Microsoft technologies.

Experience Peace of Mind with

1Defender Secure©

Comprehensive Compliance Coverage

Address over 120 regulations, certifications, compliance, and best practices with ease using the 1Defender Secure© platform. From SOX 2 to NIST, CSA ISO, FedRamp, and more, we’ve got you covered.

SOX 2 Compliance Expertise

Identify and resolve potential SOX 2 compliance gaps within your Azure and Microsoft 365 environments. Our detailed assessment and tailored controls ensure seamless compliance alignment.

CSA STAR Certification Support

Obtain CSA STAR certification with confidence, showcasing your cloud security controls to customers and partners. Our assistance ensures that you’ve taken the necessary steps to safeguard sensitive data and build trust in your operations.

NIST Cybersecurity Framework Execution

Elevate your cybersecurity posture with our expert guidance in implementing the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. From encryption to access control and incident response, we equip you with the tools to fortify your defenses.

Key Features of the

1Defender Secure©

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure adherence to industry standards and regulations effortlessly with our comprehensive compliance management tools.

Proactive Monitoring

Stay ahead of potential threats with our AI-powered real-time monitoring across M365, Azure, Defender for Cloud, and Entra ID. Receive instant alerts and take decisive actions.

Actionable Insights

Gain valuable insights into your security posture with detailed analytics and reporting features. Utilize empowering informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Collaboration Oversight

Monitor and regulate the use of collaboration tools within your organization. Enforce data sharing policies to safeguard sensitive information.

Seamless Onboarding Experience

Experience hassle-free onboarding with our rapid, automated process. Simply specify your requirements, and we’ll handle the deployment and configuration seamlessly.

Rapid Incident Resolution

Respond swiftly to security incidents with our automated incident response mechanisms. Leverage AI-driven interventions to mitigate risks effectively.

Adaptive Solutions

Benefit from continuous learning and adaptation with our machine learning-based solutions, evolving dynamically to aligning with zero trust and TIC protocols.

Zero Trust Implementation

Receive expert assistance in implementing Zero Trust security protocols, ensuring robust protection against evolving threats and unauthorized access attempts.

Boost your organization's security posture

Cost Savings

1Defender Secure© drives down the total cost of ownership, ensuring optimal value for your investment.

Enhanced Productivity

Harness the power of AI-driven automations to streamline operations and empowering your teams to tackle higher-level challenges.

Seamless Scalability

Adapt effortlessly to organizational growth with a solution that scales alongside your evolving needs.

Cloud Flexibility

Embrace a cloud-agnostic approach with support for AWS, GCP, and other platforms, ensuring comprehensive coverage and control.

Effortless Reporting

Say goodbye to cumbersome reporting processes. 1Defender Secure© makes it easy to generate and submit compliance reports.

Proactive Threat Detection

Stay ahead of emerging threats with our advanced threat detection capabilities, enabling early identification and swift mitigation of potential risks.

Customized Support

Receive personalized assistance and guidance customized to your unique requirements, catering to your organizational goals.

Continuous Innovation

Benefit from ongoing updates and enhancements, as we continuously innovate to keep pace with the evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Surefire Security, Guaranteed Compliance

The best part is, you don’t need full admin rights to utilize 1Defender Secure©. Even basic scans of your Microsoft 365 setup can be conducted effortlessly.

What’s more, by opting for this versatile security platform, you can establish a robust security framework without the need for extensive administrative permissions.

You can also use our 1Defender XDR© solution to manage your organization’s security 24/7. This is our AI-driven managed services solution to comprehensively manage and keep your Microsoft 365, Azure, and Entra ID environments secure. With 1Defender XDR©, you’ll get everything you expect with 1Defender Secure, without a nano-second break.

Rely on the most trusted security evaluation platform

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